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Happy With The Rain Accessories by Aliki van der Kruijs

happy_with_the_rain_aliki_van_der_kruijs.jpg Pluviagraphic: Happy With The Rain Accessories by Aliki van der Kruijs turns silk into a pluviograph of sorts, able to record rainfall, creating individually unique rain-patterned ties, handkerchiefs, and shawls.


Details: Limited edition. Each item comes with location, date, time-interval and mm of rain of its rain-print. The proprietary Made by Rain process uses a water-sensitive film coating on textiles. Crowdfunded.


Designer: Amsterdam-based Aliki van der Kruijs has a 2012 Master of Applied Arts degree from the Sandberg Instituut, BAs in graphic and fashion design, and specializes in textiles, “working with nature as a tool in the production of prints, form and colour.”





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